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Shipping & Returns

The whole purpose of partnership with DHL delivered to you. Lnsnederland DHL package and ordering your e-mail. So you can track and control information.

DHL Express closed volume and orders, shipping address. For example, close to home or work, you can work from home.

If you are not on the Internet in selecting the next source of information. He tried the next task.
After three transfer command, it will automatically be returned to us.

SHOP DHL parcel service
In addition to selecting a billing address, your DHL packages require thousands of years in the Netherlands. From the bus system, you can display the following commands to collect points. Sadly, the Belgian DHL package store.

Return or exchange items? Of course you can!

The brain is lnnederland!

If our online order? Therefore, to always have money from Lance Rand rare. Shoes must approve the bill and return envelope.

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