UPDATE: The Waltham Forest Guardian says objections to the plans can be submitted up until the 31st of Jan.

Private company PHCC East London Ltd wants to build a health centre in one of the units with 19 flats above, with shops and 45 flats in the other structure.

The application states that both blocks, which would be at the junction with Brunner Road, could be four to eight storeys tall“.

The ever vigilant Fight The Height sent us details on three “tower blocks” planned of upto 8 storeys right by St James Street station.  That’s at least twice the height of anything in the surrounding area, and 4 times higher than the predominantly Victorian Blackhorse/St James Street skyline.

1: Construction of 4 to 8 storey building to form (1-4 storey) health centre and 19 self contained flats on upper floors (2×1 bed, 15×2 bed & 2×3 bed). Provision of associated access, parking and servicing area.

2: An outline application for construction of 2 blocks (4 to 8 storey) comprising retail unit (use class A1. A2 & A3) 65 sqm at ground floor level in block A and 45 self contained flats in block A & B (9×1 bed, 29×2 bed & 7×3 bed). Provision of bin store, cycle stand and disabled parking.

Here’s what Fight The Height say:

There are little-publicised plans to build up to eight storeys in St James Street – it’s near the station, on the site currently occupied by the health centre.

The development is in two phases. The first (planning application 2010/1635) is for a new health centre with 19 flats on top. The second (outline planning application 2010/1636/OUT) is for another two blocks of flats with shops on the ground floor. Both planning applications are for “four to eight storey buildings”.

Four to eight stories makes it sound fairly modest. But bear in mind that it’s two or three times the height of the surrounding area. The only equivalent height in central Walthamstow is Tower Mews, opposite Walthamstow Central station (nine stories) and we all know what an ugly sore thumb that is!

Click on the application numbers above for more info. And you can object online here (the site address is 47 St James Street E17 7PJ).

Finally, we got the info from the rather wonderful Planning Alerts website – highly recommended for alerting you to planning applications in your area and making it easier to respond to them online“.

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5 Responses to Trio of upto eight storey flats planned at St James Street

  1. alistair says:

    given that the building accross the road is 4 stories, and there are plenty of 3 story houses with large attics around, it’s a bit inflamatory to say it’s 3 times the height of anything around.

    Oddly you cant see the documents on the planning website. be good to see what is actually proposed.

    personally I’d appreciate an improved and upgraded health centre.

  2. blackhorseroad says:

    Thanks Alistair – A fair point so have corrected it to say at least twice the height of any surrounding buildings and four times the majority.

    Its rare that you can ever see documents on the planning site.

    I think everyone would appreciate an improved health centre, the question is whether three 8 storey blocks of flats are as welcome or inkeeping with the councils own planning guidelines on what it defines at unusually “tall buildings” (the council classifies tall buildings as above 6 storeys)

  3. Debbie says:

    I can understand the concerns about aesthetics and preservation, but what do you propose about new housing? People don’t like change, and I don’t like ugly blocks of flats, but the reality is that people do need homes, and building low rise houses or flats will not house enough people. What does BAG propose? The higher rise blocks along the canal in Clapton look really good.

  4. James says:

    I completely agree with the other comments. If BAG keep moaning about every new development, you’re just delaying the removal of old eyesores like the health centre. Please choose your battles wisely and canvas a bit more local opinion before getting on your high horse about INVESTMENT in our area.

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