essex_CGIJoin local residents at Hackney Town Hall from 6pm on Wednesday 3rd Feb to demonstrate opposition to plans for 10 storey flats on the site!

This Planning Application proposes four 7-10 storey high-rise high density residential tower blocks on the River Lee Navigation opposite North Millfields, in the Borough of Waltham Forest. It will loom over Walthamstow Marshes and set a prescedent for the future destruction of the low rise Lea Valley views.

If you can’t picture where Essex Wharf is, look at this photo set of the site here. As the developers themselves put it, its “set between the tranquillity of the River Lea and the Lea Valley Park

Local Councillors representing Leabridge Ward in Hackney have asked for this Application (to WF) to be discussed at the Planning Sub-Committee Meeting at 6.30pm on Wednesday 3rd February.

Hackney’s Planning Officers are recommending the Borough should put in an objection to Waltham Forest.  We agree!

Please come to the meeting to show the high degree of public interest in this matter!

The organisers also encourage people to bring posters to the Town Hall steps before the meeting, from 6.00pm, bearing ‘neutral’ green slogans (such as “Keep our Open Spaces Open,” “Save our Marshes”, “No to High-Rise Tower Blocks in the Lea Valley,” “Keep our Green Space Green” etc) in support of the Planning Officers’ recommendation to object.

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4 Responses to Stop the Essex Wharf tower blocks

  1. Any further progress with this. I think these blocks are awful. I did not realise that this part of the marshes was under threat. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi there,

    The new Lammas Lands Defense Committee has lodged an objection:

    The development looks insane. Basically, LBWF, as ever, looks set to perpetrate a development horror. Even Hackney objects!

  3. debs says:

    This development is an absolute eyesore! They are cramming too many people into an enclosed space. The access road is already way too congested.
    High rise right on the river front?? What a shame!

  4. NoopyDoopy says:

    According to the pictures the current site is a derelict wasteland and you have a problem with putting some homes on it.

    When will the nimbys be happy, when we are all living in dog kennels at £1400 a month?

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